Background information

The project Caribbean Heritage

Between 1886 and 1970 thousands of photographs were taken in the Caribbean and Surinam by the Brothers of Tilburg. These photographs offer a clear picture of the local community in the 20th century and the role the Brothers of Tilburg played in it. The Brothers of Tilburg manage these photographs. In co-operation with CECN and Stadsmuseum Tilburg these pictures have been digitalised, described and made searchable. Through the photo database they are now available to the public.

Boxes filled with photographs
The project was started in 2010 and will be completed in 2012. The collection consists of about 30,000 photos in total. Most of these will be digitalised. This means that a large number of binders of pasted photographs and envelopes filled with loose copies had to be collected from the Brothers of Tilburg, digitalised by a professional photographer, and saved in the digital database. Next, they were described one by one. As much as was possible these descriptions include personal names, place names, dates and other information that was available. However, in many cases that information was missing!

Website and photo database
In March 2011 the website Caribbean Heritage and the photo database will be put online. Some 12,500 photographs will then have been described. The website offers general information and is available in Dutch and in English. It offers access to the database where photographs can be viewed. The photo database also offers the opportunity to add information to the images. Everybody is encouraged to do so.